Tuesday, March 16, 2010

T-Shirt Sales!!!

We are pleased to present an online store... for sale is our "25 YEAR" t-shirts with the slogan that everyone voted: 25 years and we rocked them all!... Those of us with daughters may be interested in our "I became a legacy the second I was born" tee, which is available in pink or white with red and white lettering. We also have a picture frame, coffee mug, sweats.

Check it out: tuttlemarketing.com
On the left, select: "School/Company Stores" and click on "Online Store Login". In the middle of the page, "Click here to login to your personal store", then select "Shippensburg University" and the password is ship.
Orders may be placed until March 31st so we will recieve by April 21st.

Thank you to Sheila Dragon for making this all possible!

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