Monday, March 22, 2010

Crate & Barrel contest - OleMiss grad

An AOII Alumna needs your vote for a Crate and Barrel contest! Here is an email from their CNS about a member from our Nu Beta Chapter. Please read through this touching story and help a sister out!

I am emailing all of you to ask for your help. I am an AOII alumna from Ole Miss (pledge class '04) and I am asking for help on behalf of my college roommate/sorority sister/best friend.

We lived in the dorm together our freshmen year and both pledged AOII. Everything was great..but Krystal kept getting this excruciating pain in her jaw..after dozens of tests, scans, and doctors she was told that she had Hodgkin's lymphoma. Of course, we were all devastated and worried about if she would live! Well, after surgery more bad news followed and turns out she also had another form of cancer that was by her brain stem- it was an inoperable tumor. This cancer was in stage 4. She and her Mom moved to Nashville and she underwent chemo and radiation there. She was in remission and the cancer has come back one time and just when she thought everything would be back to normal (relatively)- her Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her mother died this past August and it has been very hard on the family. While her Mom was dying they found out her 17 year old sister was pregnant- so now she's helping raise the baby. But, Krystal has managed to pull through all of this and be an optimistic rock for her family!!

She graduated last May with an Associates in Dental Hygiene (with a 4.0- not kidding) and now has her dream job at a Pediatric Dental Office. Through all of this, her boyfriend Nick stood by her side. They've been together almost seven years but because of everything and all of the expenses it hasn't been realistic to get married.

Okay, here's where I need help.. Krystal has entered the "Ultimate Wedding Contest" through Crate and Barrel and she needs ALOT more votes. This is more than just a silly contest- she DESERVES this! I would give anything for her to win this. She is only 24 and has been through more than most people ever will in their lives. This would be a dream come true for her! She's even been on the front page of our local newspaper in Olive Branch, MS. ( I attached a link to the article)

I'm asking you to please forward to the link below to the Crate and Barrel "Ultimate Wedding Contest" and this email- to your chapter. If Krystal is in the top 50 votes wise- then a panel will decide who wins! (If they don't pick her they're crazy!) Please help and forward this to as many people as you can.

Click on Crate and Barrel Contest to vote... : Newspaper article.

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