Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't Forget Your Badge!

When packing for this weekend, don't forget to bring your badge... we are hoping everyone will wear them at the ceremony on Saturday. We will have pearl colored ribbons for you to attach behind our badge, since pearl is the color for Lung Cancer Awareness. (And don't worry - - for those of you that just cannot locate it, we will have pins you may use!!!)
Mrs. Lisman will be proudly wearing Jen's badge.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our 1st Annual(?) Alumnae Weekend is fast approaching...
We have a very impressive guest list of about 40 alum!
Here are the final details:

6 pm - Relay For Life begins at Seth Grove Stadium
9 pm - Ceremony for Hope Luminary candle lighting
Anyone coming in Friday night, we can plan to meet at Black Horse Tavern at the Shippen Place Hotel - OR if you are participating in the relay you may want to go over to the field on your own.

6 am - Relay For Life wraps up

7 am to 10 am - Complimentary continental Breakfast served at Shippen Place Hotel

10 am to 3 pm -SHIPPENSBURG University Bookstore will be open
If you are looking for some light shopping / souvenirs. . . and if you haven't been to Ship recently, you may want to 'cruise around campus' - there have been so many improvements made, you may not recognize it!!!

11 am - Memorial Service for Jennifer Lisman Bunich held at Messiah United Methodist Church 30 South Penn Street This is not a ritual; therefore all are welcome and we don't need to wear white! Heather has arranged that we are able to use this location without a fee or donation... Thanks, Heather ~ "your church rocks!!"

12 noon - Luncheon at AOII House 19 North Earl Street
Cold buffet lunch will be provided by Kathy's Deli. The cost is $10 per person and we would like to cover the cost of our collegiate sisters, who have been so helpful and gracious during our planning. If you are willing and able please add an additional $7 to the cost to show our appreciation.

***So many of you have asked if you could do anything to help... YES! we are in need of desserts and if you feel like baking or stopping by a bakery, we would appreciate it if you could bring a "sweet treat" to our luncheon.***

3 pm to 4 pm - "Scrapbooking" with Sheila and Kathy at Shippen Place Hotel Conference Room - Please bring your pictures, poems, memorabilia to add to our special scrapbook for Claire Bunich.

6 pm - Social at Shippen Place Meeting Room (next to Black Horse Tavern) Join us for light appetizers and cocktails. We are asking about $7 per person for the appetizers. Anyone interested in ordering dinner may do so from the tavern menu.

7 am to 10 am - Complimentary continental Breakfast served at Shippen Place Hotel

11 am to 12 pm - Alumnae Advisor Meeting at AOII House

12 noon to 1 pm - Corp Board Meeting
All sisters and alumnae are welcome to attend.

Have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008


As many of us have been 'reconnected' after all these years, we want to hear what you've been up to!!! (Life after SHIP!) Please share. . .

Luminaria Form

The below link is a donation form for the Relay for Life held at Ship's Seth Grove Stadium on April 4th - 5th, 2008. Our team is "Alpha Omicron Pi". The event begins 6 pm Friday night and continues into 6 am Saturday morning. Anyone is welcome to join the team, there are almost 40 AOII collegiates who have signed up to participate. . . the "Luminaria Ceremony for Hope" will be held at 9 pm Friday night when the candles are lit and names of loved ones are announced. Please have any donations to Philanthropy Chair, Heidi Semple, by April 1st. Thank you for your support.

Click here to print out form: Luminaria Form

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SISTER PROFILE: Theresa Levenduski Cottrill

Periodically we would like to spotlight various sisters to hear a little about those we may not yet know... we thought it only appropriate to start our interviews with the person who brought us all together!


I am pleased to introduce one of our founding sisters, Theresa Levenduski Cottrill. . . She is currently one of the Alumnae Advisers for Tau Lambda, serving as Alumnae Relations Advisor and Chapter Relations Advisor. I am sure we would all love to hear a little more about her!

Please share with us a little bit about yourself: My hometown is St. Marys, PA, but I know reside in Dallastown, PA. I am a single mother of two. My son Steven is a freshman at Ship and has a full scholarship through the Army ROTC Program on Campus. My daughter Nicole is 15. She cheers both for the High School team, as well as on a competitive cheerleading squad, which I am the coach. Aside from spending most of my time at the gym coaching the cheer squad, I have a full time job as an Account Rep for a Printing and Publishing Firm in Harrisburg, PA. I also serve as Membership Chair for the Wildcat Football Booster Club, and as a Board Member for Dallastown Area Dollars for Scholars.

Since graduation, I was part of the Founders of the Alumnae Chapter of AOII in York (which has disbanded). Helped out only in a limited capacity with Tau Lambda over the years, first as Chapter Advisor and then Chapter Relations Advisor and on the Corp Board. I had the opportunity to Visit Headquarters last summer, which was so totally awesome!

What was your vision for AOII? My vision for Tau Lambda was to start a Sorority at Shippensburg that offered the alternative to Hazing and Pledging, but provided a means to develop honest and true friendships. It seemed to me that the Sororities at the time were only interested in numbers and not the inner person. "Beating" a person into liking you wasn't my idea of friendship.

What is your favorite AOII memory? My initiation.

What is your Most meaningful AOII memory? My initiation.

What were your favorite AOII Activities? I loved the "Tiger Retreat," where the Big Sisters took the Littles away for a sleep-over for bonding time.

What do you remember most about your SHIP days? The friendships that I developed, how much fun we had, and how my roommate still calls me every time she hears a song on the radio that reminds her of something we did, or where we were at the time we heard that song.

What funny story can you share with us? I was roller skating on the sidewalk from McCune Hall (which used to be a boy's dorm) towards the library. I was coming down the hill quite fast, and wiped out on a broken piece of concrete at the bottom. I was only shaken up a bit, and a little embarrassed. I looked around, shook myself, thinking that no one had seen me. But as I started to skate on my merry way, I heard a round of applause and whistles coming from McCune. As I turned around to look, there were guys cheering and clapping for me from just about every window! OMG!

What were you main challenges starting AOII? My hardest challenge was standing up to the "Inter-Sorority" Council. The Inter-Sorority Council was the governing body over all the sororities on campus. Since there were only 2 national sororities at the time, there was no Pan-Hel, which meant No Real Rules. The 2 national sororities did not want a third national on campus, because that would mean no more Public Hazing. You see, Public Hazing was very much a part of Sisterhood at Shippensburg in the early 80's.

What is it like going back to the AOII house, knowing that this was all possible because of you? The first time I walked into the AOII House, I was so totally "Blown Away!" I never dreamt that a meeting between a handful of friends at Seavers Apartments back in the 80's, would have turned into something as big as it has become. I was truly humbled by the experience, and speechless.

What is your most proud accomplishment since college? I have had several career accomplishments, as in top Account Rep for the firm I work for. And in the community: Building a strong recreational cheerleading program that started with 40 girls and blossomed into 170 in just two years, and then taking another small group from that and putting together powerful All Star Team. However, my proudest accomplishment is simply my two children, and everything they do!

What advice could you give our graduating sisters? My advice to graduating sisters:"It's the experience in life that counts!" No matter what you do, which direction you go, enjoy the experience, embrace it, and take the energy and always use it for something meaningful and positive. Keep all the negatives behind you. You never know what one small experience for you can turn out to be for those you touch.

AHHAH MOMENT When I was at the AOII house this past fall, and saw all the Paddles upstairs in the hallway, I only wished that I actually would have been able to have my own Family Tree. I was the only Founding Sister that didn't get to have a Line. But then I realized, the entire Chapter is my line! That was kind of my "Ah hah! Moment"

I am also amazed at how the Original Story of the Origination of Tau Lambda has been preserved over the years! Wow!

Thanks, Theresa ~ it has been fun to hear about the person behind the Tau Lambda!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


As we are finalizing the plans for our April Weekend, it would help if we had a head count for Saturday April 5th so we can prepare accordingly.
So far the plan is:
11 am - Ceremony
12:30ish - Lunch at AOII house Heather is working with a caterer and I'm sure will get a wonderful menu - Thanks, Heather!
6 pm - "Social" at Shippen Place Hotel (may include light appetizers)
Please let us know your plans by adding a comment or e-mail us. Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!