Monday, February 25, 2008


With over 400 alums it's hard to get to know everyone... so periodically we would like to spotlight a special sister and share more about her. Who is your favorite AOII??? If there is someone you would like us to interview, submit your suggestions to Sister Profile. Include the sister's name, e-mail and reason WHY you think everyone would like to GET TO KNOW HER!!! Brag about her a little bit... she deserves it!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hello everyone,
I was so happy to read Karen's email suggesting that we all get together to do the breast cancer walk. I had been thinking of doing the walk myself and was preparing to send out a letter to everyone when the tragic news about Jen came out. I wasn't sure if I should put it out to everyone and then when I read Karen's email it seemed to be a sign. I checked with her and she gave me the go ahead to organize it all. There are two walks which happen in the October time and the one I have signed up to do is the Philadelphia 3-Day Walk. I would love to put together a team of sisters to walk in the Breast Cancer 3-Day and hopefully some of you will be able to join me. We’ll be walking 60 scenic miles over three uplifting days to help fund breast cancer research and community outreach programs through Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. There is a minimum of $2200 per person that needs to be raised. This seems like a lot but honestly the cause is so amazing that if we put our minds to it I know we can do it. Without a cure, 1 in 8 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This is our opportunity to do something about it. Together, we can. I know since we are geographically scattered getting together to do training won't be easy - however we will be able to stay in touch through email and maybe even phone. Then, for the walk it will be great to take the journey with anyone of you. I have already registered and gone to the meeting so if you have any questions please feel free to email me. Also, if you do decide to join me let me know so we can set up our team. To register or to find out more information go to or call 800.996.3DAY. If the walk seems to be too much I hope that you can support the cause in other ways. I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it in April and I am truly happy that we are all coming together again, I just wish the catalyst had been a happier one. Peace, Carla Geary DiProspero

Monday, February 11, 2008


Join us for a reunion weekend April 4 - 6, 2008 at SHIP as we remember our friend, our sister, Jennifer Lisman Bunich.

Friday April 4th -
6 pm - Relay For Life - Seth Grove Stadium
This campaign sponsored by the American Cancer Socitey is a 12 hour relay beginning at 6 pm Friday and continuting until 6 am Saturday morning. We will join various campus organizations to raise money for this worthy cause - all monies raised by the AOIIs will be donated in Jen's name. As part of the relay, luminaries will be sold for $10 to help to light the track (and they may be dedicated to someone). The sisters will be mailing these forms to everyone the beginning of March with all the information (and we will update this site so continue to check in!).

Saturday April 5:
11 am - Memorial Service for Jennifer Lisman Bunich Location TBD
The memorial ritual ceremony is not limited to only AOII sisters and -great news- alumnae do not have to wear white!!! Thanks for the info, Danette!
12:30 pm - Lunch at the AOII House 19 North Earl Street Details to follow
6 pm - "Social" at Meeting Room - Shippen Place 32 East King Street More info at a later date

Sunday April 6:
11 am - 12 pm: Alumnae Adviser Meeting - AOII House 19 North Earl
12 pm - 1 pm: Corp Board Meeting - AOII House: All collegiates and alumnae are welcome to attend

Rooms available at the Shippen Place Hotel for $72 / night for any room type - mention "LISMAN" when making your reservation to take advantage of this group discount. Please book early to ensure your room by calling the hotel at (888) 532-4141 or (717) 532-4141.

We have decided to create scrapbooks for Jen's daughter, Claire. Below are the instructions if you would like to submit your "Jen memories"...
Thanks to Teresa for putting together this info, and Sheila and Kathy for setting up the scrapbooks:
Online scrapbook:
Go to
First name: AOII
Last Name: Sister
Email address for account
Password: Lisman
Once in the account, the name of the project is: Scrapbook for Claire.
**Note, be sure that your pictures are at a high enough resolution to scan or upload to shutterfly. Older pictures from Ship may not print in the final copy. Check with Shutterfly on their requirements.
Problems / questions: Email Sheila at
Please have this completed by March 19, 2008

Hand-made / Creative Memories Book:
Mail entries to:
Kathy Azar
405 Greyhawk Circle
Venetia, PA 15367
Here's another option for people. If anyone wants to make their own album pages prior to the April meeting, they could do so and bring them or send them to me ahead of time. (These need to be CM pages, see below). Here are some tips for either sending stuff or creating one's own page:
-Pictures, pictures, pictures - whatever you can find is great. Get copies made at your local developing place if you can't part with what you have.
-Memorabilia is great. Old notes, paper pandas made by your little/Aunt Stella/big, etc. that you still have for some reason (I do!)
-A memory-filled note in your own handwriting - it's more personal than typed. Use acid free, lignin free paper if you can and a special scrapbooking pen. If you can't beg, borrow, or buy these, write one anyway. A note that may yellow over time is better than none. Just don't use a Sharpie - they really bleed over time. If you're at a loss as to what to say, consider putting "I remember..." at the top of your note, then bullet point things underneath.
-Any poems, quotes, special words that might enhance the album, either on your page or others. We will probably have some blank backs to pages that will need "fillers". Poems are perfect for this.
-If you're making your own pages, please use Creative Memories pages (any color) since that is what will fit in the album we'll use.
-Lastly, if there are sisters who don't have pictures or memorabilia, but would like to contribute to the album, they could still send remembrances - either written (as suggested above) or in e-mail format. I'll create several pages of that kind-of donation.
Questions: contact Kathy (Bryan) Azar at :

Charlotte Sunday paper front page:
Jennifer Lisman Bunich:
Jen & Jen - Smarty Pants: