Wednesday, October 28, 2009

red, red wine

Most of the fun writing for a blog is having the ability to chose a topic, (do a little research) and discuss... although most of our posts are 'random entries', we try to cover a variety of topics, somewhat pertinent to Shippensburg and AOII... but every once in awhile it's fun to go in another direction and compile our ideas... so this series, (our "best of") we will critique anything and everything that might be of interest to US... chime in!!!

So let's take a look at RED WINE! We can all be self-proclaimed connoisseurs and it's fun to research and document which wines we have tried ... drinking wine can be somewhat of a "hobby"... I enjoy attending 'wine tastings' (or holding our own) and hosting 'wine dinners' where we try to pair different wines with each course of the meal. (see, it's somewhat - dare I say - educational! lol) On a side note: I do have a simple 'rule' about wines and limit them to $10 a bottle (although I shop at Total Wine in Delaware where the products are a little less expensive) but you should be able to find all of these at least under $15 at a regular liquor store. So if you are a wine drinker and haven't yet tried these, I encourage you to check out OUR TOP 5: and of course, please add...

AVALON Cabernet Savignon from Napa Valley - Blueberry and plum nuances from the Syrah complement the dark cherry and black raspberry characteristics of the Cabernet Sauvignon. We found this on vacation in Avalon, NJ... this is hands-down my favorite!

ROSSO Red wine from Francis Ford Coppola California region - Made from a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sirah. The supple texture and rich, juicy flavors of plum, cherries, mocha, and strawberry jam make this wine a perfect accompaniment to any meal. I have served this often and all of our guests agree that this is a good choice.

RED TRUCK Red wine blend from Cline Cellars winery in California - Blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc for a juicy berry base the added Grenache and Mourvedre round out with licorice and spice for a full-bodied finish. Pretty cool, down to earth website admitting each truck make and model that inspired each of their wines! This was a 'neat label' wine that I picked up and it has become a favorite.

NINE x NINE Zinfandel from Central Valley, California - Full, forward aromas of black fruit, red fruit and smoke brim from the glass. Flavors are similarly full and forward; a mouthfilling melange of jammy blueberry and loganberry, accented by subtle cinnamon and nutmeg nuances. Currently a "chairman's selection" and on sale in Pennsylvania Liquor Stores for $9.99! I happened upon this one just in time for September 9th 2009!!!

MENAGE A TROIS Red from California -Three saucy grapes make up the blend. Zinfandel adds a juicy character, Merlot mellows and Cabernet adds backbone. Forward, spicy and soft, this delicious dalliance makes the perfect trio. Besides the name being a conversation piece (although it may be a little embarassing to ask for by name!), this is a great blend.

Yes, I see the trend; I apparently really like red blends from California!

Check out some of the great wine names I found: Happy Camper, 3 Blind Moose, Mad Housewife, Running with Scissors, Bitch, Little Black Dress and... (here's where it relates to sororities!): Four SISTERS!!!

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