Thursday, October 15, 2009

25 Years and STILL Showing our Pride!

TOMORROW... (is only a day away!!)
Here's the "411":

FRIDAY NIGHT ~ Happy Hour at Maxie's If you ordered t-shirts, you can pick them up... Knute's Pub will be hosting an "Alumnae Party" at 8 pm... the girls will be at the Phi Delt house... then 'bar hopping' for the 21 year olds, hoping to meet up with alums...

SATURDAY ~ Eggs at AOII House at 9 am... parade begins at 10:15 and should arrive on campus around 10:45 (weather permitting)... 10:30 am - 1 pm tailgating at field with kick off at 1 pm... pizza and subs at Phi Delt around 4 pm with the girls(or Maxi's for us 'old timers')... and don't miss out on the "Greek Alum" party at Shippen Place starting at 6 pm ($5 for beer)!

IF YOU GO: The AOII house is located at 19 North Earl Street, it is the "brown" house on the corner... University Store will be open Friday 7:45 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm and they are offering a 10% discount for all alums!... we have "AOII" buttons for alums, so look out for Coleen... and yes, there IS a Starbuck's in the library on campus! STILL IN TOWN: Tollgate, Wib's, Orky's (now a college bar), Maxie's... JUST SO YOU KNOW: Knute's is on King Street (almost across from Family Select) and is the closest thing to G-Man, since it's a 'sport's bar'... Market Cross Pub is further down King Street across from Subway but almost 'around the corner' from Maxie's... Black Horse Tavern is the bar at Shippen Place.

THIS JUST IN: Shippen Place had cancellations... and has extra rooms JUST for Friday night... if interested, call the hotel at 717-532-4141.
WEEKEND FORECAST - Friday rain with highs around 39 degrees, Saturday 36-38 degrees, rain and a chance of snow showers.

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