Wednesday, October 7, 2009

become a "PAL"

We are starting a new program that we are excited about.
It's called "PAL", which stands for "PI & ALUM LINK.

We are VERY pleased to announce that this semester, AOII will have EIGHT (8) New Members!!! (they will be one of the largest classes on campus!) Through this program, we will pair each of these eight new sisters with an alumnae to act as their "special friend".

We are asking that you as the PAL alum to offer support... either send them a quick e-mail once in awhile, maybe even a care package or letter (does anyone even send mail anymore?!?) and help to guide them thru their experience as an AOII collegiate. For us as alumnae, it will give us a "LINK" back to Tau Lambda... , more of a reason to go back to SHIP (how cool would it be to witness your PAL's Initiation - or even Induction into Alumnae Status!?!?!?) and someone we can check in on when we're in town.

For the collegiate, it will show them that they ARE making a lifetime committment... that we stand true to the belief that we WEREN'T AOII's, we ARE AOII's!!! We prove that we have always been a strong group, we have over 400 of us and we are re-connected and stronger than ever!!! We can then help when the time comes to transition our PAL into a Tau Lambda Alumnae.

We will be going thru the list of New Members and try to match them up: an alum from their hometown, someone that may have had the same major or that has experience in their field. If you are interested in volunteering, e-mail us at OR "add a comment". We will be sending out e-mails to a few to ask you to participate, and if you are interested, that's great; if not, maybe next time. And we will ask again next semester and hope this program will succeed and grow!

PLEASE consider being a PAL!

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