Thursday, March 12, 2009

SISTER PROFILE: Kim Manning Ursetta

As we count down to our 2nd Annual Alumnae Weekend, we will feature different sisters to give us the opportunity to get to know them a little better before we see them again or before we meet them for the first time. Please continue to check back for our SISTER OF THE WEEK.


Now, this one doesn't need much of an introduction. I mean, I think EVERYONE knows her! :) Although she resides in Colorado (she lives farther away than most of us!), she makes it a point to "stop by" and visit whenever she's within 300 miles of Ship!!! She not only knows many alums, she has a good relationship with the current sisters. She has been a support system by offering encouragement and guidance to them as they have been faced with some challenges to get the sorority 'back on track'. She has remained true to AOII and is as involved as ever - Kim currently serves as one of the Alumnae Advisers to Tau Lambda.
Let's find out more about her...

Please share a little about yourself: I'm from Slippery Rock, and moved to Denver after graduation in 1994 where I was hired to teach in the Denver Public Schools as an elementary bilingual teacher. I've been with the district for 15 years, and am in my fourth year as president of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. I'm involved in a lot of different committees with the National Education Association affiliate in Colorado and at the national level. I am divorced, and am raising four kids. My two "legacies" are Angelina (13) and Nicolina (almost 10), as well as my twins Albert and Vincent who will be 7 in April.
What is your favorite AOII memory? Big/Little Night... both as a Little and as a Big.
What is your most meaningful AOII moment? Initiation, and getting my lavalier from my Big, KEP.
What do you remember most about your SHIP days? There are so many great memories. The thing I remember most is just being together at... the house, fraternity parties, the CUB, Pi dinner, greek week, Sunday roommate dinners, living on ramen noodles and mac n cheese (without milk-just Blue Bonnet butter); just bonding! Last but not least, being at the TKE and Sig Tau houses and with my football players. (Remember I was a student athletic trainer)
What funny story can you share with us? Key words- "you can share..." My last year, all of us from Apt. G tried to complete our "25 Things To Do Before We Graduate" list. We did lots of things including swimming in the Old Main fountain, collecting "party favors", getting our pictures taken at all the hot spots in town, bars, pizza places, Amish, the Treat, fraternity houses, etc. Linda Weakland won the bay window contest.
What is your most proud accomplishment since college? Besides my kids, I am proud of my union work. It's a team effort, but we have had a great impact on the district's 76,000 students and 4500 teachers.
What advice can you give our graduating sisters? As I have moved through my career here, it amazes me how many things I have learned from AOII. Teamwork (sisterhood), parliamentary procedure (chapter meetings), goal setting (strategic planning), time management (balancing classes with AOII), recruitment/ marketing strategies (rush), choosing/ hiring your friends/colleagues/employees (membership selection), networking (other sororities/fraternities), sales (rush and competing to be "the best" sorority) and public relations (the "face" of AOII) to name a few. Use these skills to help you be successful in your own career. Most importantly, remember that your sisters are always there for you- even after 20 years. Once an AOII, always an AOII.


Anonymous said...

Kim, Congrats on being the featured sister. Great bio. I hope your school year is going well. I hope you see you in April! It's only a few weeks away!

Dianne said...

haha...I lived in Apt G, we also had the bay window bet!