Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Keeping up with the "25" things craze, we thought it would be fun to share 25 things about AOII, Tau Lambda and SHIP...

1. AOII founders were in Columbia University's Class of 1898.
2. Alpha Omicron Pi has one jewel, the ruby.
3. There were 36 sisters in Tau Lambda's first class.
4. TO DRAGMA, the Greek, is translated as "the sheaf". The name was selected because it is a reminder of the common interest which unties AOIIs, it is a record of accomplishment, or harvest, and it descirbes the purpose of the publication by uniting the members thru communication.
5. The first AOII Alumnae Chapter was chartered in New York, NY in 1904.
6. The Nineteenth Century French rose, General Jacqueminot, a deep red rose, is the flower of Alpha Omicron Pi.
7. McCune Hall is now known as the "Scholars Hall", focusing on students with academic and intellectual interests. The hall enforces 24 hour quiet hours and students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA or have scored 1050 or higher on their SATs.
8. AOII was founded January 2, 1987 although Founders' Day is celebrated December 8th - which was Stella's birthday.
9. When referring to AOII, spell it out as Alpha Omicron Pi or use the shorthand with two uppercase "I"s... do not mix the two by AOPi.
10. Terri Levenduski's vision made Tau Lambda possible!
11. The fraternity color is Cardinal, the color of the heart symbolizing love.
12. Shippensburg University was founded in 1871 as the Cumberland Valley State Normal School.
13. An AOII adviser should be spelled using an "e" and not "o" as in advisor.
14. Michele Little served as first Tau Lambda president 1984-January 1985.
15. The current President of Tau Lambda is Heather Stump.
16. The CUB on campus has been renamed "Ceddia Union Building".
17. "Alumnae" is the female plural while "alumna" is the female singular. "Alumni" is the male plural and "alumnus" is the male singular. Always use the female style for AOII.
18. In Fall 1984, Tau Lambda had 20 pledges.
19. There is a Starbucks INSIDE Ezra Lehman Memorial Library!
20. Mowry Hall (and ALL other dorms on campus) is now co-ed.
21. The Presidents of the AOII Philadelphia Alumnae Amy Hoffstetter Toth AND Harrisburg Alumnae Danette Gabner Swartley Chapters are BOTH Tau Lambda sisters!
22. International AOII President Ginger Banks initiated Tau Lambda.
23. Past Shippensburg University President, Anthony F.Ceddia, Ph.D. is currently a Trustee at Mount Airy Casino and Resort in the Poconos.
24. "Our Pride Is Showing" was the theme for Tau Lambda's first Homecoming in 1984.
25. Tau Lambda was colonized December 3, 1983 and chartered September 15, 1984; This year we will celebrate Tau Lambda's 25th Anniversary!

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