Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SISTER PROFILE: Carla Geary DiProspero

We thought it fitting to do a dual sister profile to highlight TWO Amazing Pi's... we wish to reward their accomplisment this past year and ask that they share their story... they trained many months and are now able to say they walked 60 miles in just 3 days!!! Our own Carla and Nikole participated in the Susan G. Kormen Breast Cancer THREE DAY this past October... Carla's was October 17- 19 in Philadelphia, PA and Nikole's was October 24 - 26 in Atlanta, GA.

We are pleased to introduce you to CARLA GEARY DIPROSPERO:

Family tree - founding sister: Jeanne Kling

Years at Ship: 86-90

What is your favorite AOII memory? Spring Break in the Bahamas...

What is your most meaninigful AOII memory? Senior sendoff

What do you remember most about your SHIP days? the laughing and dancing

Please share a funny story: On our trip to the Bahamas there we were lying on the beach, a wave came up and one sister sitting up - then realizing she had untied her bikini top!

This was a huge accomplishment that I'm sure will change you and you should be very proud... is there another accomplishment since college that makes you proud?My wonderful family.

What inspired you to participate in the THREE DAY? I kept seeing signs, hearing people talking about it, seeing commercials...I kept thinking how blessed I was to not have been touched by this dreadful disease. I then realized that even though I was not immediately touched many people I know have been. It is such an overwhelming disease that I wanted to help out in some way, so because I am so lucky with my health and love of walking and I thought I would put it to good use!

What occurred during the weekend, what did you enjoy most? I enjoyed talking with all of the other walkers the most. It was incredible what people go through and still survive...not just survive but thrive. I have tremendous respect for the will and fortitude of all of these men and women.
Anyone who knows me know I am slightly focused! I joined the walk on my own but had met my tent mate once - which offered a level of comfort. Once I started walking I stayed towards the front and met other women (and men) who liked to walk as much as me and we just walked and talked about so many different things. What I really enjoyed the most was meeting all of the people. I met people from all walks of life and with all different reasons for walking.

What did you learn most from this event? I did not necessarily learn this, but it was definently takes a village! As I mentioned, so many of us were there for different reasons, but we were all there with one purpose - to raise awareness (and money) for breast cancer.

You were obviously inspired prior to the October weekend.. has your inspiration changed or did you re-focus after meeting other participants? My inspiration has definently been reinforced - I walked with survivors, caretakers, and just concerned women and men. One participant I spent a great deal of time with had many parts of her body removed to be rid of the cancer and yet there she was walking 60 miles along side of me. One woman had just finished her rounds of chemo and was walking...I have no idea if I would have the courage or strength...but I know I definently have the respect of everyone of those walkers to keep moving on.

Is there someone special that you met during your journey? As I mentioned earlier, my walking partner for two days who had gone through so many bouts of cancer (she even survived her house burning down during all of this!)
What kept you going? I just knew I had to...

What advice can you give those of us who wish to get involved - at this level or what can we do to help? I would so recommend the walk - it is incredible. The support of bystanders was overwhelming. If you can't do the walking, you can always contribute monetarily or come out along the route and cheer us on!

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