Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are pleased to introduce NIKOLE DAVIS:

Family tree - founding sister: Deb Eichenser (ooooh it's been awhile....not 100% of the spelling.....sorry Deb)

Years at Ship: 1992-1996

What is your favorite AOII memory? Whew—there are so many!! And my mind is going blank at the moment…ugh!!

What is your most meaningful AOII memory? I have a ton of great, meaningful memories, but one that sticks out in my mind is seeing Carolyn Scollay and Amy Metcalf at my Severs Apartment door offering me my bid! They soon became two very special older sisters to me!

What do you remember most about your SHIP days? AOII events…the serious ones and the funny ones…they all made a lasting impression on me!

Please share a funny story: A funny pledging story that still makes me laugh is the day that some of my pledge sisters (the Rho Class) and I got locked in to the laundry room at the house. Before we were assigned library time, any spare moment we had between classes was spent in the laundry room. Why on this particular day the door was closed, I do not recall, but the handle on the door broke off and we were locked in the laundry room, some of us unable to attend class (we were so sad…hahaha!). Several sisters tried to help us out and we passed notes under the door, but all with no success of getting the door open. We had to wait for a locksmith to come to the rescue!

What inspired you to participate in the THREE DAY? My inspirations to walk were my mother and a good childhood friend. My mother is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and my friend Stephanie lost her life at age 30 to a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer.

Please tell us about the event and how it was set up... it is inconceivable for me to believe that you slept outside in tents, showered outside, spent three days away from home - - with thousands of other people! The Atlanta 3Day 2008 was probably not a “typical experience” as it rained ALL DAY on Friday! We walked 20 miles in rain suits, wet shoes, and then slept in an empty warehouse, rather than in the tents on the muddy ground. The showers were an interesting experience as I had never showered in a tractor trailer before. I had a warm shower, felt like I was in a tiny ladies locker room, and brushed my teeth in the trough outside. And if asked if I would do it again under these circumstances…I would say YES!

What occurred during the weekend, what did you enjoy most? I think what struck me as being completely awesome during the weekend was the camaraderie that filled the streets as we walked. Though we did not all know each other by name, we were all walking for the same purpose—to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. There was an indescribable feeling of purpose, excitement and dedication that radiated from each walker! It was neat!

What did you learn most from this event? WOW! There are a ton of loving, caring people in the metro Atlanta area that greatly praised and respected our commitment to walk the 3Day! People I did not even know had me crying from their generosity!

You were obviously inspired prior to the October weekend. Has your inspiration changed or did you re-focus after meeting other participants? After meeting other participants, I do not think my inspiration changed, but rather grew stronger! I know that I am meant to walk the 3Day and am determined to walk it each year. I would like to eventually branch out and walk in other cities, especially Boston and San Diego!

Is there someone special that you met during your journey? There is not a walker that I met that I would consider “special,” but there was one of the crew members that worked the cross walks that my group always looked forward to seeing! He was dressed in a kilt, knee socks, stood on his bike dancing while playing fun music! He really kept the tempo upbeat….especially when all you wanted to do was collapse!

What kept you going? The pink shirts that said, "SURVIVOR" all around me were very inspirational and kept my feet (blistered and all) walking!
What advice can you give those of us who wish to get involved - at this level or what can we do to help? As Nike once said...."JUST DO IT!" 60 miles in 3 days sounds scary, but do it with a friend(s) and the time goes by before you know it and the memories that you have made are priceless! Many people of scared by the fundraising portion of the walk, but with prayers and a great team of ladies that will work itself out!! BUT...if you are not up for the walking, become a crew member! The walkers are very appreciative for the snacks and smiling faces at the pit stops, which are all run by volunteer crew members as well as the sweep vans members and crossing guards that add a tremendous amount of energy to the walk!

I will be doing the 2009 walk in October - come out and walk with me. However, if you don't feel like you can walk with me I would appreciate any support (either money or emotional) that you can pass on! It is an amazing journey and I would recommend being involved on any level for anyone!!!

Thank you both for sharing... what wonderful stories, you should be so proud!

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