Friday, January 16, 2009

I'ts RUSH time again!!

Yes, back at Ship this is what we would REALLY be studying this time of year (you know, rush songs) - - so we thought this would be a fun "trip down memory lane"... and don't blame us if these "catchy little tunes" stay in your head all day! (Don't worry, it's okay to repeat them; these are the clean ones.)

AOII is dynamite, The AOII's welcome YOU!
Friends so true, take our cue, Fun and friendship we pursue, The AOII's welcome YOU!
Now if you wander by an AOII, You will agree.
We're the best of all the rest, We're the top sorority.
So heed our song, come along, Join our happy, carefree throng.
The AOII's welcome YOU, (we really mean it!)
Parris, Stewart, and Lisman (Rush Chairs)would be so proud!!

Remember this one??!
Hey Look Us Over
Give us the eye, on every campus, we are rated high.
Hey look us over, we're here to be seen, Each and every one of us could be a campus queen... We're All-American college girls, and let us tell you why:
'Cause we're Alpha Omicron Pi's!

I'M AN A-O-A-O-Cutie-Cutie-Pi
And I'll be one 'til the day, the day I die;
I'm so proud-so proud about it, I can't help-but help to shout it:
I'm an A-O-A-O-Cutie-Cutie-Pi!!!
Ha,ha...that one's for Kuc.

What are your favorites? Please share...

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