Monday, April 26, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

... and now, back to reality! Hope everyone had a safe trip home and recovered from a FUN weekend!

Hmmm... how can we recap:
Friday - beautiful day for a drive to Ship! That night, Black Horse Tavern was sereneded by "A-O-II" songs to officially start our party!... we enjoyed meeting some new friends and catching up with old ones... light apps in the "garden room", a few drinks, and stories were flying!!!! Pi girls were able to join us (those who weren't at Relay) and 'late night', Pizza Man tasted better than ever!

Saturday we participated in a touching ceremony and 3 of our founding sisters (TL, Lisa & Karen) were presented with their 25th Anniversary pins... lunch at the AOII house (which looks great, a fresh coat of paint on the walls - and some new (old) composites hanging in the house! thanks to Jody)... a quick trip to the bookstore (with a coupon, of course!) and a stop at Knute's Happy Hour proved Saturday a DAY OF FUN!

The Conference Center hosted "PI DINNER" and made it an evening to remember. We were touched by Linda's phenomenal video, Tawny read a congratulatory letter from our International President, Emilee filled us in on Greek Life at Ship, two founding sisters (sisters Deb & Karen) received a standing "O" and we honored the past CAs. Dean Bob's surprise "AOII Shippensburg 25 year" tees were awesome, and he asked the girls to wear them today, to mark today as the beginning of ANOTHER 25 years for AOII on campus!

We ditched the heels, re-grouped at Shippen Place, then climed aboard 'THE BUS' to visit Craig. He was glad to have a "Maxi's full of AOIIs" and later we made the pilgrimage to a crowded Wib's (Moms in the House!)... but all we wanted to do is dance! The "wheels on the bus" took some of us back to Orky's and we called it a night.

THANK YOU to everyone for coming together: Gayle Fitzpatrick, VP AOII - for making the trip to Ship... the banquet committee, The AOII sisters for their hospitality... Linda for the copies of the videos... Emilee for her ongoing support and Dean Bob for the great t-shirts... and Thank you to our TAU LAMBDA ALUMS!!!! . . . WE ROCK :)

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