Saturday, April 24, 2010

AOII / SU Trivia

1. Who was the first new member of AOII, graduating in 1898?

2. What was the first sorority on Shippensburg’s campus?

3. At what college was AOII founded?

4. Who was the first president of Tau Lambda?

5. Which AOII founder was known as an educator and politician?

6. In 1939, Shippensburg University became the first of this type of college in Pennsylvania.

7. What is the official rose of AOII?

8. What is the sub motto of “Tau Lambda”?

9. What is AOII’s magazine and what does it mean?

10. The AOII Centennial Celebration was held at what hotel in
New York City in 1997?

11. What is the name of the Library on Shippensburg University campus?

12. Which AOII founder was known to write stories and poems?

13. What does the CUB stand for… and what was it’s old name?

14. What does “RT&J” stand for?

15. What is the official color of AOII? (not red!)

16. What does our badge spell?

17. The first “unofficial” AOII house was located on King Street above a business. It is now a furniture store; what type of business was it when AOII sisters rented Apartments A thru G?

18. Which AOII founder was the only to have children?

19. Where was the second AOII chapter founded?

20. Which AOII founder pioneered expanding AOII into Canada?

21. NPC was formed in 1902 and AOII was the 12th sorority to join in 1905. What does NPC stand for?

22. Over the years many “over 21” sisters have frequented Maxi’s. What is the owner’s name? Can you name any sisters who bartended there????

23. The current Fire Chief of Vigilant Hose Co #1 in Shippensburg has a connection to AOII. Why?

24. The panda is the official “mascot” of AOII. What is the local mascot that Tau Lambda recognizes?

25. The current sisters recently sent out a newsletter to all alums with a note asking us to brew a cup of tea, sit down and recall fond memories of our time as a Shippensburg AOII. What type of tea bag did they include?

1. Ann Richardson Hall
2. Alpha Sigma
3. Barnard College
4. Michele Little
5. Jessie Wallace Hughan
6. Teacher’s College
7. Jacqueminot
8. Trust & Loyalty
9. “To Dragma” – The Sheaf
10. Marriot Marquis
11. Ezra Lehman
12. Stella George Stern Perry
13. Ceddia Union Building (Cumerberland Union Building)
14. Rituals, Traditions & Jewelry Committee
15. Cardinal
16. L-O-V-E
17. Gym
18. Helen St. Clair Mullen
19. Sophie Newcomb College – New Orleans
20. Elizabeth Heywood Wyman
21. National Panhellenic Conference
22. Craig… Heather, Joellen, Carolyne
23. He was a past AOII SWEETHEART
24. Tiger
25. Red Rose

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