Thursday, April 2, 2009

SISTER PROFILE: Heather Bigler Swartz

Hello, all ~ Happy Thursday! We would like to introduce you to our Sister of the Week, Heather. She is also the host of our Sunday brunch during Alum Weekend! Heather has been on board with Tau Lambda and served as past Chapter Adviser. She resides in Shippensburg with her husband and three boys and you may recall her from our picture last year of "Amazing Pi's", before the Broad Street Run - - one of her passions include running marathons! Let's hear more about her...


Please share a little about yourself (hometown, career, family, etc.)? Born in Farmington Michigan, spent most of my childhood in Michigan. Moved to Pine Bluff Arkansas when my father took a job with an archery company there. Moved to Shippensburg to be near family when my parents divorced. Went to Shippensburg High School and then on to Shippensburg University to major in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations.

Founding Sister - family tree: Founding Sister:Karen Allen, Cathy Heist, Amanda Manthrope, Karen Hart, Heather Bigler, Rickie Malone, Eileen Grudkowski, Eden Evans, Jen Zawislak, Jen McConnelly...

What is your favorite AOII memory? 22 College Park Apartments, Apartment G, Spring Break in Daytona,

What is your most meaningful AOII moment? I LOVE Ritual. I was so proud to be initiated as an AOII. After receiving my badge I hugged Barb Horn the president. I felt like I was "home". Ritual is the one thing that tied individuals together as a whole. AOII is the family I chose.

What do you remember most about your SHIP days? The friends I made there. Grilled turkey and cheese on a bagel at the CUB. Rocks and Wings at the G-man. Raider Football games. Mini skirts and footless tights. Big Hair.

What funny story can you share with us? When my sons were little I would sing to them and rock them to sleep. After I ran out of the standard lullabies I would move into AOII rush songs and on those especially long nights I'd even bring on the drinking songs (the clean versions, of course). To this day I can still recite the Greek alphabet...

What is your most proud accomplishment since college? A strong marriage (17 years); 3 wonderful sons; I ran a full marathon and 2 1/2 marathons. A full happy life!

What advice can you give our graduating sisters? Get on Face Book so you can keep in touch!

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