Friday, April 10, 2009


"Pink Cupcakes" is the name of OUR philanthropy for Tau Lambda Alumnae. We don't support ONE cause, we support many. The purpose is to reach out to sisters and let them know we're thinking of them... we may send a 'pick me up' to a sister who is overcoming a troubled time and try to do something nice when it's most needed. This idea is more or less a "virtual treat", but sometime we may actually hold a baked good sale!

We will be asking for donations at the house this weekend, hoping for about $5 from each willing sister. Our first purchase: gift bags for the 6 newly initiated sisters and 10 graduating seniors which we will present them at the luncheon.

Red + White = PINK... and after all,
who doesn't smile when they think of a pink cupcake???

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