Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Update

Unfortunately, we do not have much to report at this time... but wanted to let you know where we stand.

The Alumnae Induction scheduled for this Saturday with the Harrisburg Alumnae has been cancelled. The chapter has been advised that during the appeal, the sisters are unable to participate.

The chapter had also made arrangements to volunteer at the Kitchen Kettle in Shippensburg; however they were not needed last night, they are hoping to make this an ongoing offer.

Tau Lambda has appointed one person to represent us on the 'board'. We are waiting to hear from AOII Nationals the two people they have decided on. At that point, we will have a 'point person' we can communicate thru. We are also waiting to hear from HQ our request of a detail of the charges we are faced.

We hope that next week we can proceed and determine more of our plan.
Thanks for checking in!!!

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