Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hearing Tonight

The hearing will be held tonight. Since this procss is new to most of us, here is how it will work: there is a panel of three members who have agreed to the day, time and location of the hearing (this one via conference call). One person on the panel was nominated by the Chapter, and AOII has appointed the other two. The hearing will begin at 8pm.

The notice for the call was sent to the Chapter and members of the AAC, anyone wishing to be heard has been added to the agenda. We also reached out to a few others who have agreed to speak on behalf of the Chapter. Although we cannot name individuals, the panel will hear from about 25 participants. Each participant will be called, introduced, and will have 3 minutes to make a statement. After their comments, the participant will be asked to drop the call, as all remarks will remain confidential. The only individuals on the call are one faciliataor and the three panel members. The panel will have seven days to render a decision.

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