Monday, March 28, 2011

How you can help

Here is what we know. There were sisters at the house in February and the police responded to a noise violation. At that time, they found alcohol and a few sisters were cited for underage drinking - however no fines were given. This was not the only incident over the past 4 or 5 years, but this was the final occurrence that prompted AOII to take action. We are trying to piece together the previous incidents, as the chapter has been on probation since at least 2007 but we do not yet have details from all of the other investigations (we believe most of the incidents involved alcohol). If you have any information we could really use your help! Please contact us at - and please let me know if you wish for any of the information to be kept confidential.

We appreciate the outpouring of support... at this time, we are asking that you sign the on-line petition (link below) - it's a cool site and takes a few seconds... and join in the "letter writing" campaign due Wednesday March 30th (see details below).

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. I will also be checking our gmail, if you have any other thoughts or ideas.

The following updates are from Christi Scheel.
We are on our way to moving forward towards the appeals process. Here are a few orders of business that we need to address:

1. We need to get a copy of the “charges” that will need to be addressed at the hearing, as this will be necessary to prepare the presentation & defense for Chapter’s appeal hearing. Without knowing the exact “reasons” for the revocation of the charter, it is near impossible to know what to focus on when meeting with the current members. We have included a request in our letter requesting the appeal, but any information you may have would be helpful.

2. We have prepared a formal letter to be sent in accordance with the Bylaws stating that the chapter has unanimously decided to appeal.

3. The Collegiate Members will be conducting a petition of their peers on campus over the next week to gain show AOII HQ the support for the Chapter. We are requesting the same from our Alumnae. Here is the link to our online petition

4. We are conducting a letter writing campaign. All collegiate members will be writing a letter to AOII HQ expressing what AOII has meant to them throughout their collegiate experience. New Members (who were in the midst of associating when this happened & who have expressed sincere loyalty to our Sisterhood) will be writing letters on why they chose AOII and why they continue to want to become initiated sisters. As Alumnae we too should write a letter to AOII HQ expressing what AOII means to you and how the Tau Lambda chapter has enriched your life through your collegiate life through today, ultimately asking them to restore the Charter for the Chapter. Alum should include any willingness to work directly with the chapter to lift it up to the level AOII expects from its collegiate Chapters & Members. Letters should be submitted via email to Samantha Saverio - . If you have a relationship with any of the staff (academic, administrative or otherwise) of the university, you are encouraged to reach out to those contacts and ask them for their support by writing a letter & signing our online petition. Please provide letters to Sam by Wednesday, March 30, so they may be all mailed together to AOII HQ on March 31. The collegiate members will be collecting letters from other Greek organizations and any other supporters they can entice to actively show support (e.g., professors, academic advisors, etc.). They are also asking their parents to write letters of support.

5. CALL TO ACTION – Are any of our Alum Attorneys or have husbands who are Attorneys that are willing to provide Pro Bono assistance to us in this fight to restore the charter. There maybe a few items we need legal assistance with moving forward and any help we can obtain would be greatly appreciated!!

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