Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I am committed to giving you as much information as we can and keep you up to date on our progress - so I will try to post as often as possible... please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, etc.

The AAC held a conference call last night to discuss our action plan. The online petition is going well and we have extended the letter writing campaign. Please have your letters sent in by Saturday (this will give us a little more time - - we know the weekdays become hectic with work, families, etc).

We discussed a proposed "calendar" of events during the appeal process which the chapter will submit for approval by Headquarters. They are requesting to hold one meeting a week (possibly late Sunday afternoons), a philanthropic event, one Ritual ceremony and to assist in a 5K Run to benefit Haiti on Saturday April 23rd at Shippensburg. We are expecting all sisters to attend these events and it would be wonderful if we could have support from alums. Assuming these events are approved, PLEASE tentatively clear your calendar and try to make at least one of these events. Once we receive approval, we will give you the specifics and set up dates, times, locations, etc.

A few members of the AAC will be contacting Emilee Danielson (Director of Greek Life at Ship) to set up a meeting. One of the steps we need to take toward restoring the chapter is ensuring we have support from the University.

Karen Weigel and Christi Scheel are gathering information showing the history and past offenses of the chapter. We believe there is a lot we do not know about that led to this decision, so we are trying to piece together a timeline of incidents. If you have any information, we would really appreciate your input. You can email us at

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Tau Lambda said...

Thank you to you and the AAC for doing such a great job keeping us all informed!