Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Little History... SU Greek Life

1959 The Raider Room opens. Phi Sigma Epsilon begins to bring a cannon to football games.

1960 "IFC" first appears in the yearbook.

1961 Sigma Pi wins first place in the fraternity division for floats at Homecoming.

1962 Sigma Tau Gamma wins first place in homecoming.

1964 Phi Sigma Epsilon wins first place at homecoming.

1971 Sigma Pi sponsors powder puff football.

1974 Delta Rho plays Alpha Sigma in the Turkey Bowl, which is still an annual tradition today. Theta Kappa sponsors a sexy legs contest.

1977-78 Sigma Tau Gamma is the intramural champ. Phi Sigma Epsilon has the highest GPA among fraternities, and Lambda Zeta Pi wins first place at homecoming.

1981 A Greek Council forms, taking representatives from IFC, ISC, and NPHC.

1984 "Greek Week" appears in the yearbook for the first time.

1987 TKE and Alpha Omicron Pi win Greek Week.

1989 ACACIA Housing Corporation Builds first new fraternity house ever at Shippensburg
Theta Chi loses recognition on campus and then charter
Lambda Chi Alpha and TKE become involved in one of largest fights in college history at 72 College Park

1991 Tau Kappa Epsilon loses recognition on campus.
Sigma Tau Gamma loses charter over hazing incident

1994 Greek Week kicks off with a Greek Clean.

1995 Rumors of a Greek Row Begin circulation among Greeks
Sigma Tau Gamma loses house- TKE takes it over
The Phi Sigma Kappa Farm is destroyed by a tornado- landlord fights with brothers and throws them out

1996 Greek Row construction begins…
Sigma Tau Gamma gets first house on "Greek Row"- subsequently gets charter back

1997 Kappa Sigma gets 2nd house on Greek Row

1998 In the Spring, Delta Zeta, Sigma Delta lose recognition on campus.
In the Fall, Theta Kappa loses recognition on campus.
Phi Sigma Kappa and Chi Gamma Iota get 3rd and 4th houses on Greek Row

1999 In the Spring, Sigma Delta regains campus recognition.
In the Fall, Delta Zeta regains campus recognition, and Chi Gamma Iota loses its recognition on campus.
Kappa Sigma also gets their charter revoked.
The Infamous Sig Pi Mansion closes its Doors
Sigma Tau Gamma loses House- subsequently destroys it, Delta Zeta moves in

2000 Phi Sigma Kappa loses their charter; Sigma Tau Gamma also loses their charter
Chi Gamma Iota member and two others accused of execution style murder of SU student
Kappa Sigma loses their house, Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority moves in

2001 TKE manages to take over a sorority house on Greek Row

2004 Kappa Sigma and Sigma Tau Gamma Recolonize on campus
Delta Upsilon Underground Chapter gets evicted from house on Greek Row
Lambda Chi Alpha and LCAP purchase the Acacia House at 101 Brookside Avenue from local Acacia Alumnus.

2005 Pi Kappa Phi loses their charter; Alpha Chi Rho also loses their charter
Lambda Chi Alpha places first in Homecoming Float Competition with Alpha Omicron Pi

2008 Lambda Chi Alpha Undergrads destroy house in August
Lambda Chi Alpha International HQ unanimously votes to close Shippensburg Chapter due to vandalism, large debts and lack of chapter accoutability

2009 TKE destroys house on Greek Row, and is evicted
Alpha Omicron Pi celebrates 25 years at Ship...

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