Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memory Lane: THREE THINGS I remember...

To all you "facebookers" out there, you will appreciate this... we recently found a group "What I remember about Shippensburg..." and we thought it would be fun to start our own (for our eyes only!) as we look forward to returning for our reunion. If you are on facebook, be sure to join the group... it's a fun trip down memory lane!

Here's what you do: add a "comment" and name three of your favorite things from your SHIP/AOII experience!

We'll start it out:
1. "Wally on a bagel" and french fries for lunch at the CUB (in the Raider Room with the 'carpet on the walls' decor!!!)
2. Bonfires at Phi Sig (seriously, how many couches did they have in that house.. it seems every party they threw in a couch in the bonfire... I can't imagine a couch would be cheaper than firewood!!!)
3. The first AOII "HOUSE" and Apt G on King Street, above the Gym.

Please share yours!!!

1 comment:

coleen said...

1. 1/2 Price Lynchburg Lemonades G-Man Happy Hour (popcorn for dinner)... we always had a full table - right in the middle...

2. Pre-session and on a nice summer day, hanging out at the quarry!

3. 72 College Park!!!