Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome Summer Series: Crayola Factory

It's Wednesday... and for today's welcome summer series, we have a great one-day trip for the kids! EASTON, PA: CRAYOLA FACTORY visitors enter a world of discovery as they experience more than a dozen hands-on activities as well as learn how Crayola Crayons® and Markers are made. This is not the real manufacturing plant, it’s a colorful and interesting visitor center that allows children of all ages to unleash their creative spirit. The themes and projects change to give visitors a variety of projects to create throughout the year.

Step upstairs to the NATIONAL CANAL MUSEUM with its 90-foot water-filled model canal. You can harness a life-sized mule, play the canal captain simulation game, and operate a model train layout.

The Crayola Factory was great; it was fun to cut, color and paint various crafts... make sure you see the "show" and learn how crayons are made! Equally impressive is the Canal Museum which also offers hands-on experiences... you could spend hours here as well, it became a learning trip with the help of volunteers who explained about canal life as the children pilot their boat thru the water and locks.

IF YOU GO: The Crayola Factory and National Canal Museum is located in the Lehigh Valley, Tickets are $9.50 (ages 3 – 64) and includes both attractions. There is a McDonald's on-site, outdoor tables (if you brown-bag it) or many nearby restaurants... we suggest Pearly Baker's. Plan to make a day of it, since there is so much to do... don't forget to stop by the gift shop and Crayon store on your way out... and expect the little ones to nap on the way home (ours all did!!)

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