Monday, June 29, 2009

Flip Flop Summer

by Kenny Chesney
Sprin's sprung, the sun's up and shinin'
School's out, and everyone's smilin'
Let's pop the top off, and lie for a while
And some take it easy days.

Let's tell that old grind where to stick it
Put the rest of the stress in there with it
Don't you think we've had enough
It's time to get away.

It's gonna be another flip flop summer
Kick off your shoes, and call up your lover
Say hey baby, the winter is over
Let's head south awhile
We're going to take us a long vacation
Mix us up some strong libations
No worries, just good vibrations
And lazy days in style
It's a flip flop summer, It's a flip flop summer.

Put your coat away in the closet
You won't need it, baby
Because it's a clear blue sky
And the weatherman says it looks that way for weeks
Baby, we'll cruise down to Montigo
Raise us a glass as we pass Puerto Rico
It don't matter 'cause wherever we go
Its where it's good to be.

Let's sail away, where no problems can find us
We've got 90 days
To watch that ole Tequila sun rise
And leave all our troubles behind us.

It's a flip flop summer...

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