Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recipes, Please

FINAL DAYS... PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR RECIPES; OTHERWISE WE MAY HAVE TO CANCEL THE BOOK... NOTE: If you wish to email us, we would be happy to add your recipe for you!!! Send your addition to taulambdaalum@gmail.com.
WE ARE CREATING A COOKBOOK!!! SO… we’re hoping for your help… we’re looking for your favorite "secret family recipes" you're willing to share.

It's EASY!! Go to: typensave
Contributor: Type your name as it should appear in your entry (please include maiden name)
Group Login
: ship
Password: yk8mj Click to "Add a Recipe"

Under "List up to 2 Contributor names", your name should appear and then enter the semester you pledged. We welcome everyone to share their creations: spouses, parents, children, past sweethearts?!?... If you are not an AOII, please use this section to list your relationship (ie. daughter of...)

You can also submit more with your recipe… In the "Recipe Notes" section:
- you could tell a funny tale or share a quick story from your SHIP days
- let us know what you’re up to – include info on your career, family, etc.
- write a ‘congratulations’ for the 25th
- share a few words about what AOII means to you
The idea is that we’re all original, so the compilation of our ideas or thoughts should be original – which will make this even more fun to read than JUST a cookbook!!!

Please have ALL information submitted by JUNE 1, 2009 so we may have the books ready by the fall for Homecoming. Cost per book will be about $20. Stay posted for details when the books will be available and how to get your copy!

*All money raised will be used in the event planning and to offset the costs for our 25th Anniversary Alum Weekend to be held next spring.

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