Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hug-Your-Girlfriend Day

Taken from Charlotte Smarty Pants:
Happy Smarty-Hug-Your-Girlfriends Day!

Today is a very special day for our Smarty family. It is bittersweet in that four years ago we lost our Jen B. But it is also the day that we have decided instead of mourning, we will rejoice and celebrate the friendships we have. We will celebrate all that was amazing about Jen and the thing we loved the most, her friendship.

This week, the power of our girlfriends has been brought back into focus as a member of our Smarty team has been dealing with a health crisis. From the moment word got out, she has had support, meals, encouraging words, hugs, prayers and love. I have watched this and said to myself what an awesome group of friends she has and then I realized, not just an awesome group of friends, but what an incredible woman. Her friends are a reflection of who she is.

She has been there to laugh, cry and support those she calls “girlfriend.” She is a model for us, much like Jen B was. My college motto was “Not to be served, but to serve”, I think this applies to the way we view our friends. Not to receive but to give. As we go into today and all the days to come, be the friend who gives the hug, picks up the phone, sends the text, brings the meal, is the shoulder to cry on and shares in the laughter. I guarantee you will be more fulfilled and when the day comes that you need the support it will be there.

Thank you to all of our Smarty friends. We are sending hugs to all of you because your support is what keeps us going in this crazy little thing we call Charlotte Smarty Pants.

For all of those AOII's who remember Jen B (or Lisman) as we remember her... if you have any thoughts or memories, please share...

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