Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Homecoming 2011: WHAT HAPPENS IN SHIP...
Are you READY for Homecoming 2011? The Homecoming Committee proudly presents Homecoming 2011: WHAT HAPPENS IN SHIP… This year's Homecoming is September 28 - October 1.

While this year's theme is a nod to Las Vegas, it also has a deeper meaning. Ship is a destination--a place where someone can be anything or anyone they want to be. Time flies, and students are only here for a short time. But in just a few short years they pack in a lifetime's worth of amazing times and fond memories. The experiences they have and the connections they make will last a lifetime. What happens here does not stay here. Students carry it with them forever. And just like any memorable ride, most people can't wait to go back!

Get excited because all of your favorite events are returning--Battle of the Campus, Lip Sync, Spirit Rally, and of course, the big game on Saturday. We also have a few new surprises in store for you. So mark your calendars! September 28 - October 1!!! Get Ready for a week of fun events, relive some of your favorite SHIP moments, and let everyone know that WHAT HAPPENS IN SHIP… won't happen anywhere else!

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