Monday, August 23, 2010


Shippensburg University recognizes that athletic events are an important component of the University experience. Game day activities also enhance social interaction and build community. Thus the following guidelines are designed to clarify individual responsibilities so that everyone may enjoy being on campus.

• Picnicking involves the consumption of food without any use of alcohol at the event.
• Tailgating within the context of this policy incorporates the use of alcohol in the picnicking activity.

1. Tailgates and picnicking will be permitted only in designated areas beginning 2 ½ hours before start of the game and up to 1 hour after game has ended.

2. Alcohol consumption is prohibited during the third and fourth quarters of the game. NON-ALCOHOLIC picnicking activity may occur during the course of the game, although attendance at the game is encouraged.

3. Tailgating is intended for small groups and it must involve picnic or food activity.

4. The possession and consumption of alcohol is permitted but only within the constraints of the law. Those violating any laws or policies are subject to removal from the tailgating/picnicking areas and/or possible criminal and university judicial sanctions.

5. Alcoholic beverages must be dispensed in cans, plastic bottles, or containers made of Styrofoam, plastic, etc. No glass bottles or glass containers are permitted. No common sources of alcohol are allowed. All drinking paraphernalia and drinking games of any sort are prohibited.

6. The use of charcoal grills is not permitted.

7. Individual vehicle owners are responsible for the proper disposal of litter in available receptacles or for its removal and subsequent disposal.

8. The University Police will monitor tailgate activity and enforce any laws which are violated.

9. Shippensburg University is not responsible for any damage or theft of property incurred while tailgating.

Shippensburg University is a smoke free environment.

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