Monday, June 7, 2010

"New CUB" project begins

Taken from Members of the Shippensburg University community broke ground May 21 to officially begin expansion of the Ceddia Union Building.

The project includes renovation of the nearly 80,000 square feet of the existing building and construction of an additional nearly 57,000 square feet of space. When finished in December 2011, it will include expanded dining services, a convenience store, the University Bookstore and student programming and lounge spaces.

Another SU "landmark" that will be unrecognizable - new and improved!!

If you plan to visit: Due to the CUB renovations, The University Store will be temporarily in three different locations. Textbooks are in McLean residence hall lounge, clothing is on the first floor of the CUB and everything else is in the "SHIP Shack" located out side of McLean.


Anonymous said...

CEDDIA Union Building...Wasn't it the CUMBERLAND Union Building?!?!?

Anonymous said...

haha... well, now you're showing your age... the CUB was re-dedicated after Ceddia retired.