Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Smarty Hug-Your-Girlfriends Day!

Taken from Charlotte Smarty Pants
by Jen P:

1,000 posts ago we still had our beloved
Jen B in our lives. Another year has gone by without her, but not a day has gone by without thinking of her. This pink & green movement that we all created together will forever be in her honor. And we couldn't be more proud of what Charlotte & Triad Smarty Pants have become. We started as one tiny little blog between two Smarty girlfriends and with the love and support of our Charlotte and Triad communities, we continue to thrive year after year.

So on this 4th day of February, we ask all of you to celebrate the special girlfriends in your life and tell them how much they really mean to you. Clear your calendar and go to lunch or grab a glass (or bottle in my case!) of wine and take it all in. You never know when things can turn on a dime and you may not get that chance.

So true, my Smarty friends! I raise my glass to you, our Smarty community, and lift it up to all of the great women in our lives. And don't forget to email this post to all of your Smarty girlfriends! We miss you, Jen!

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