Monday, December 8, 2008


AOII Fraternity Founders’ Day Message for 2008-2009
Above all, we wanted a high and active special purpose to justify existence, a simple devotion to some worthy end, some object of loving kindness that should make our organization to its members an enduring bond of happy mutual labors to their environment an enrichment. --Stella George Stern Perry at the Ohio Valley District Convention in 1936

From its earliest inception, Alpha Omicron Pi has held simple values at its core. Our Founders wanted this organization to stand for ideals that would never be secret or hidden-- ideals that could be seen and understood by all. Stella, Helen, Jesse, and Elizabeth knew that human love and kindness were values that, if not lost sight of, would carry AOII on to a bright future. There is a reason that our Ritual, the heart of AOII, has not changed since 1897. At its core, these human truths are universal to all and know no end. Our Founders had the foresight to know that no matter how times may change, kindness and love would always be necessary to create a lasting sisterhood. They may have never expected AOII to be over 137,000 members strong 112 years later, but with such fundamental human truths at its heart, this organization was destined to grow and last far into the coming years. With that in mind, we must remember that these very principles are more than simply the ideals of our Fraternity. They are the legacy of our Founders and what we must embody to solidify the future of AOII. After all, our future lies in our past—it lies in our ability to carry on what our Founders set out to do with this great organization. This is duty of each and every one of us. While the day-to-day advancements of our Fraternity are vital to our success, our true responsibility is to always keep these principles in our hearts. With showing a love for one another serving as our purpose, prosperity is inevitable. We must always remember that AOII was not created for superficial gain or esteem. Our four Founders created Alpha Omicron Pi in order to serve a purpose to themselves, to each other, and a simple devotion to some worthy end. We must always remember that at the heart of Alpha Omicron Pi is the desire to love one another and foster true sisterhood. By fulfilling this promise, we will preserve the sisterhood within AOII as well, as our character within the world around us.
Fraternally with love, The 2007-2009 Executive Board
Susan Danko,Kathy Jensen,Louanne Condreay,Kristy Manchul,Barb Zipperian,Linda Grandolfo,Allison Allgier,Phyllis Gilson

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