Monday, September 15, 2008

SU: Dear old Red and Blue

In the dear old Cumberland Valley
'Neath the glowing sky
Proudly stands our Alma Mater
On a hilltop high.

My husband and I attended an event this past weekend at Ship... it was interesting to see a different side of the university. It was the president's recognition dinner where they gave an update of how much Shippensburg Foundation had raised over the past year, their hopes for the upcoming year, and how any contributions have benefitted the school. Dr. Ruud recently explained, " No matter whether you are a current member of the campus, a recent alumnus or retiree..., your Ship has changed and is continuing to change - all with our students in mind."

Yes, here's my "Rah-Rah SU"... and what better timing: the Annual Fund will begin this week so if you've updated your info thru the university, you can expect a phone call asking for donations. Okay, that was my warning: but remember~ we had to make these calls as part of our community service hours, and it was fun to talk to those OLD people!!!

Back to the event and on a positive note: we were reintroduced to President Bill Ruud, we ran into Jerome Dean, the current Alumnae Association President, and I spoke with Ellen, who was our Panhellenic Advisor when I attended Ship. Dr. Blaine Shover and the Madrigal singers performed for the group, and Dr. Shover smiled and said that when he ran into people that evening, their response was all the same: "You're still here???" (I admit, I remember him, I had him for Intro to Music... TWICE!!! but that's a whole different story!)

Here's my favorite part of the evening: we sat down at a table with two elder women and a gentleman. (The couple was husband and wife.) They asked if we went to Ship and I explained I graduated in 93 and my husband in 91... the one lady joked that those numbers sounded more like their ages than graduation years!!! Throughout dinner, we were entertained by their stories of Ship... how the women lived in Horton Hall and the men lived in Old Main... that they would meet in the Old Main dining room for dinner (dressed, of course), how they had to sign out if they went anywhere for the evening (the one lady laughingly said she that they were so strict, she felt like she had more freedom at home!) These women were two of about eight alums from the Class of 1958 who escorted the Class of 2008 at graduation... they were also honored this summer at Alumnae Days for their 50 year anniversary!

You hear stories of how you make lasting friendships in college... "they" say to enjoy it because it is a special time in your life... as you move on, everyone experiences different yet exciting times as they start their own families, are rewarded by their careers, etc. - but it's still fun to reminisce with old college friends... and it's so inspiring to see women like this... that have maintained their special friendships for over 50 years! They were brought together by one thing we also all have in common...
Isn't SHIP great???!!! See you at Homecoming!

Swell the chorus ever louder
We'll be true to you
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Dear old Red and Blue

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