Monday, July 14, 2008


Kathy (Bryan) Azar's daugter has become very sick... the following has been taken from Kathy's running blog to keep all informed on Peyton... For more updates, you may visit Azar Family Blog...

Peyton has Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS for short. That means that parts of her kidneys are scarring, for whatever reason. It’s a much worse disease than mild change nephrotic syndrome.

She is being treated with Cytoxan - the chemo drug. It has a 20 percent chance of working. If it fails there is another, more toxic drug that we can try. If that fails, we’re looking at kidney failure, dialysis, and transplant down the road. FSGS is the leading cause of acquired kidney failure, meaning that you weren’t born with it, but acquired it. Cause is unknown considering there’s no family history and she’s not a heroin addict.

This week, please pray specifically for her urine protein levels to fall to two (bet you never imagined that you’d be praying about someone’s urine), that the Cytoxan is working, and that her kidneys heal. (The scarring that has occurred so far, we’ve been told, is permanent - but hey - prayer can lead to miracles!)

Please keep Kathy & Doug, Peyton and Keagan (their son) in your thoughts and prayers.

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