Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Many of you received a letter from Headquarters last summer stating that the chapter was in need of help. They were looking for alumnae involvement, specifically advisers. Fortunately the letter was well received and this past year the chapter once again had a group of alumnae advisors; however many of them had dual roles and were asked to hold more than one position. In an effort to plan for the upcoming year we are again looking for help in the 2008-2009 school year. As many of you witnessed this past spring, they are a wonderful group and very appreciative of any guidance!

Tau Lambda is currently in a "Chapter Development Program" which is overseen by Headquarters... meaning: Nationals has more involvement to grow and strengthen the chapter. Over the past year, Tau Lambda progressed within this program in LC Leadership, Network Communication, and Reporting. The goals for the chapter to improve include: Recruitment/ Membership Retention, AAC Recruitment and Public Relations. By doing so, this will help the chapter operate at its full potential.

We recognize that so many of you have previously held advisor positions and appreciate the time that you spent assisting Tau Lambda - thank you for your support, we'd love to have you back and could use your experience! And if you're new to this and looking to get involved,
"there's no better time than the present"!!!

There are many positions available and they do not necessary require that you live closeby... and some do not require a huge time committment. (The more advisers we have would make it easier to spread out the work load!) If you have any questions, would like to hear more about available positions, or if you are willing to get on board, email us - we'd love to have you!

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