Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Oh, what a night... oh, what a weekend...
LET'S RECAP: Relay for Life was moved to the Student Rec Center (indoors due to the weather) and going into Friday night, AOII had raised the most money than any other organization. Great job, girls! They will still be collecting donations until May for the American Cancer Society.
The ceremony was beautiful and we enjoyed hearing wonderful "Lisman stories" from Juliet, Mrs. Lisman, Jodi, Manning and Sheila. The new AOII house is awesome and we were able to reminisce and visit over lunch... and of course share more "Lisman stories"! We had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. Lisman, Mrs. Lisman and Aunt Jeanne! We met TL! The scrapbook looked great, many attended the social, and at the end of the night, we ended up at Wibs! (some things never change!!)
The collegiates were a fun and impressive group of girls, who were excited to talk to the alums and really made us feel welcome.
We made new friends, re-connected with old,
and a good time was had by all. . .


melanie said...

hello AOPi's
I was sad to not only hear of the passing of Jenn Lisman, but also that I missed the event this past weekend. Wendy Jordan - Iverson, actually called me on Saturday and told me about the walk. I heard about Jenn's death about a week ago from another college friend - Eric Mandell - Dreds. I haven't stopped thinking about her since. I'm glad the weekend was a succes, I will definitely make my donation.
Lisman was the picture perfect AOPi - loved to have fun, but not too much fun, very sincere and interested in all of us, and extremely creative. I had an intro to art class with Jenn the semester I got in. It was an 8:00am class - what a bad time to have a class - especially the semester after you get in! I was more interested in partying and hanging out then anything! I would frequently come to class dressed in my boyfriend's - Matt Gay - sweats and t-shirt because I never made it back to the dorm from the night before. Jenn would just look at me and laugh. She would have the same reaction when she saw my drawings! I can think of so many times that she made me laugh or tried to brighten my day. Anyway, we are all so lucky to have had the opportunity to be touched by her life and light!!!
I'm so glad I found out about this blog, now I can keep up with the happenings!

Anonymous said...

To All of You from the Weekend,

Don and I and Jeanne would like to thank the Tau Lambda alums for the beautiful tribute to Jen. We were honored to be a part of it and will always so treasure getting to know about a period in Jen's life that we only knew through her eyes. She loved her life at Shippensburg, and now we know why. Your love and regard for each other was obvious.

To those of you who contributed to Claire's College Fund, please know that Boris was very touched and overwhelmed with your generosity.

Our thanks go especially to Sheila and Colleen, who worked on the logistics. It was a pleasure to meet each one of you. You were gracious, loving, and supportive.

Most fondly, Don and Marilyn Lisman and Jeanne Van Voorst

DCTAPresident said...

It was so great to see everyone last weekend! What amazing tribute to Lisman,and our sisterhood. I've missed you all!!


DCTAPresident said...

By the way...

Our 11 beautiful Pi girls got in tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

hello ladies of AOPi!
Just wanted to send out a GREAT big congrats to all the new sisters, especially to my amazing niece Alyssa!! Way to go punkin!
--- Aunt Rose

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful event - thanks Coleen and Sheila and Kathy Azar too for the scrapbooking! I am really looking forward to the next get-together. I loved seeing everyone and meeting a couple new sisters, too (Maxi and Suzanne), as well as the awesome collegians.


Amy said...

Hello AOPI's-
So sorry I could not attend this weekend. Kudos to Coleen, Sheila and Heather for arranging such a special tribute to our beloved Lisman. I would love to get together with my sisters from so long ago-anytime. I really hope there is a second alumni weekend.

If you are not yet on the directory, please send me a note at nborkert@comcast.net sometime soon. We hope to get the most update version on this site securely in the very near future.
Love to you all-
Amy Will Borkert